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Part of the Ar[t]chaeology Project,




For this project, I have become a photographer-archaeologist. I’m excavating photographic archives and at the same time creating a new archaeological photographic record with an emphasis on alternative narratives and omissions: the unacknowledged and unnamed Cypriot worker at archaeological sites, the people behind the replicas of Aphrodite of Soli, and the different meanings and uses of archaeological artefacts.


In my search for past visual evidence of Cypriots interacting with archaeological artefacts, I visited a variety of photographic archives and have selected the rare examples of Cypriots posing with archaeological artefacts to eventually became part of my work. In my search for contemporary visual evidence of the everyday relationship of Cypriots with archaeological artefacts, I decided to photograph the owners of life-sized replicas of Aphrodite of Soli next to their statues. While the “original” statue is exhibited at the Cyprus Museum on a pedestal, these copies step down from their pedestals and become domestic objects, exposed to the elements and placed alongside plants and other everyday objects. The photographic process is an interactive one. An arranged meeting leads to a relaxed and informal conversation about the owners’ relationship to their statue, what it means to them, etc.