Ledra Palace Hotel (2016)

A collaboration project with: Marios Constantinides

If we could think of one building that best exemplifies the troubled history of Cyprus, that would be the Ledra Palace Hotel. Once praised as the jewel of Cypriot modernity in the heart of Nicosia, now a crumbling dwelling accommodating the United Nations Peacekeeping Force next to the “Green Line”. History and memory can be seen as constructions highlighting specific versions of reality and silencing others. The “loaded” space of the Ledra Palace Hotel becomes a stage were different actors perform their pre-described roles. To create these collages and GIFs, we used photographs from the archives of two of the most important photojournalists who worked in the middle of the 20th century, Felix Yiaxis and George Vatiliotis (found in the photographic archive of the Public Information Office (PIO), Cyprus).

Images in order of appearance: "Hand Dance", "Kypris", "Alien"


Censorship #1, GIF, 2016                                                                    

Censorship #2, GIF, 2016

“Censorship #1 and #2”, GIF production, received the 1st price in the GIF competition “Micro-cinema of Attraction”, ARTos Foundation, Nicosia


Exhibition view, “Fusion is the Future”, Pop-Up Festival, Nicosia, 2016