Tourists Who Shoot (2009-2013)

Tourists who Shoot looks at how tourists use their cameras while on holiday. Tourist choreographies have evolved, and are still evolving, alongside changes in camera availability and technology. This photographic series explores tourist landscapes from New York to Cairo as performance spaces where the use of the camera has forced specific choreographies and behaviors upon tourists. It includes photographs and video installations.


Performing the Rock of Aphrodite I

Every year, thousands of tourists visit and photograph the location of the Rock of Aphrodite where the ancient Greek goddess of beauty is believed to have been born. Tourists seem to claim the location and engage in their own photographic performances. In these videos, we see the Rock of Aphrodite becoming a convenient stage for these playful performances where memories are constructed, family and self-images are re-enforced, and narratives of love, beauty and sex are enacted.

Performing the Rock of Aphrodite II                                                            


Performing the Rock of Aphrodite III

Panorama is a video projection which includes 36 figures of tourists slowly revolving around a central axis. Caught in the act of photographing and removed from their original context, these figures could be anywhere and photographing anything.


Exhibition view, Argo Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus, 2013

Book/ Catalogue cover "Tourists who Shoot"

Exhibition view, “Artists at Work”, Smithsonian Institute, Ripley Center, Washington DC, USA, 2015